Create, Manage, Deliver. A new remote production structure.

Hot Spot Srl

Hot Spot Srl

02 Settembre 2020

CREATE. A scalable multicamera wireless live video production for sports and events
MANAGE. On a centralized studio control room instead of on-site production trucks
DELIVER. And share incoming live feeds and program feed with multiple end-points without satellite needs.

The technology is focused on a 1080i or 4K live production feeds transmitted to the remote control rooms in Trento or Treviso.

The transmission of each signals of the individual cameras are allow by a strong LTE 4G and 5G connections, WiFi and LAN aggregated in order to guarantee a continuous signals flow and clear communications to cameramen, technicians and eventual on site reporter.

The signal transmission is performed by the latest generation LiveU devices that guarantee broadcast quality in maximum freedom without the use of satellite links.
The transmission performe in 1080 50i resolution with H.265 / HEVC codec up to 10Mbps bandwidth.

LiveU 600 encoders, the heart of the transmission system, support up to 12 network links: 8 integrated cellular modems + 2 internal Wi-Fi and 2 Ethernet ports.

In the Control Room all signals are processed in real time. The Director choose shoot and coordinate cameramen and onsite production manager. The most established production technologies are used as implementation of replays, characters generation and video contribution. Any resize of the aspect ratio for social networks can be do in the Control Room. Reporter’s audio can be done at the event site or directly in a cabin on the control room. All feeds are synchronized with built-in precision measurement of end-to-end delay.
No needs for dedicated internet connections on site. Possibility of shooting in any location covered by 3G, 4G or 5G.

Hot Spot and Sirio Film are two established sports and cultural television production companies. Drawing on twenty years of experience in various production areas for the major European broadcasters, we have developed an efficient and reliable remote production facility.
Taking full advantage of synergies and skills, we have successfully produced many events in Italy and abroad, integrating the external production vans and technologies of Hot Spot with the experience of Sirio Film.